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Inventory Management: The Devil’s in the Details Synopsis and Q&A

I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar for Surgical Information Systems last week on inventory management. The objectives I set forth were simple: 1. Define the steps needed to build an inventory system within an ASC, 2. Describe the supply chain...

Infection Prevention Considerations When Coming Back from COVID-19

During a recent webinar I presented with Ann Geier, chief nursing officer for Surgical Information Systems, I covered the myriad areas of consideration for returning to normal ASC operations from an infection prevention perspective. As I was...

Resuming Operations: Experts Weigh In

Most states are now allowing elective surgeries to resume, but the ASCs are under strict guidelines, based on the state. I hosted a webinar on May 27, 2020, which was a forum for three industry experts to weigh in on what they are seeing and hearing...

Patient and Physician Engagement Tools: Why They are Helpful Now More Than Ever

Why are patient management and physician engagement tools so important in this day and age? Will they really improve my ASC’s operations, or my patient’s satisfaction levels? We have been doing fine without them for years, why now? These are all...


Finding insightful information from the right sources regarding COVID-19 can be a difficult task. SIS has taken the liberty to gather helpful resources from reputable organizations to help keep healthcare workers, their patients, and their loved...

SIS Ranks as #1 ASC EHR Vendor by Black Book for 5th Year

SIS solutions take top spot in 15 of the survey's 18 performance areas of operational excellence, leading to #1 ASC EHR vendor ranking for fifth consecutive year.

Days to Bill: Q&A with ASC Revenue Cycle Experts

Following a recent webinar presentation on "Days to Bill: Optimizing This Critical Key Performance Indicator," Jho Outlaw, senior vice president of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS, and Jessica Nelson, director of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS,...

5 Quick Tips to Enhance Your ASC's Financial Performance

Looking to give your ASC's financial performance a boost? These five tips can deliver a mix of short- and long-term improvements that can all contribute to a stronger bottom line.

SIS Sponsors the ASC Podcast With John Goehle

Surgical Information Systems (SIS), an industry leader focused exclusively on delivering perioperative IT to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals, announces its sponsorship of the "ASC Podcast with John Goehle."

Can Your ASC Accomplish These 9 ASC Revenue Cycle Goals?

ASC business offices should strive to improve their performance, even when that performance is strong. By consistently setting and working toward goals that can enhance business office performance, ASCs will better set themselves up for short- and...

5 Ways SIS Complete Improves ASC Security & Disaster Preparedness

Earlier this year, SIS delivered an industry-redefining ASC software platform called SIS Complete™. It’s the first comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed to meet the needs of the modern ASC. When we were developing SIS Complete, we leveraged...

10 Tips to Improve The Submission of Clean ASC Claims

What makes a claim "clean?" A clean claim is one that is never rejected. It does not receive any type of denial. It does not need to be filed more than once because of errors. When a claim is clean, it goes out your door, requires no additional...

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