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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

CMS Announces Delay of Good Faith Estimates Enforcement

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that they would delay the GFE enforcement in an effort to give providers and facilities time to adopt the necessary interoperable technology for data exchange.

SIS' Paul Alcock to Present ASCA Webinar on ASC Cybersecurity

Dr. Paul Alcock to discuss the importance of protecting ASC patient data against financially motivated cybercriminals -- and the risks of not prioritizing this effort.

Wrap Your Year Up with Continuing Education

AEU Credits Available for CASC

The Value of ASC Case Costing: 6 Key Benefits

Six top benefits of performing ASC case costing

The Importance of Interoperability: A Conversation with John Goehle

An excerpt from the focus segment of a recent episode of ASC Podcast with John Goehle.

SIS to Exhibit at Annual Becker’s ASC Conference

Surgical Information Systems will showcase industry-leading ASC software -- including a new data reporting tool, SIS Insights -- in Chicago for Becker’s 28th annual meeting The Business & Operations of ASCs, October 27-29.

Surgical Information Systems Sees Substantial Growth in ASC Technology Adoption

Ambulatory surgery centers reap significant benefits from comprehensive cloud-based ASC software.

8 Key Steps to Strengthen ASC Cybersecurity

Eight actions ASCs can take to foster an environment that supports cybersecurity culture and lessens the likelihood of being targeted by malicious individuals.

3 Tips to Align Cybersecurity and Patient Safety Initiatives

Three tips to help ASCs align cybersecurity and patient safety initiatives into one unified culture and help mitigate negative impacts on the delivery of safe and effective care.

Your Questions Answered: Managing Your ASC's Top Revenue Cycle Metrics

Q&A with Yunette Ruiz and Ann Marie Thom

3 Reasons Technology Is an ASC Revenue Cycle's Best Friend

Learn how ASC technology can make the billing experience easier for your patients and staff. 

5 Obstacles to Quickly Replacing a Case Volume Leader in an ASC

Learn what obstacles you can plan for when met with the challenge of replacing a surgeon who contributes significant case volume to your center.

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