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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

3 Tips to Align Cybersecurity and Patient Safety Initiatives

Three tips to help ASCs align cybersecurity and patient safety initiatives into one unified culture and help mitigate negative impacts on the delivery of safe and effective care.

Your Questions Answered: Managing Your ASC's Top Revenue Cycle Metrics

Q&A with Yunette Ruiz and Ann Marie Thom

3 Reasons Technology Is an ASC Revenue Cycle's Best Friend

Learn how ASC technology can make the billing experience easier for your patients and staff. 

5 Obstacles to Quickly Replacing a Case Volume Leader in an ASC

Learn what obstacles you can plan for when met with the challenge of replacing a surgeon who contributes significant case volume to your center.

The State of Ambulatory Surgery Center Growth in 2022

An in-depth look at the current status of the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) industry in 2022, including case volume and financial metrics.

ASC Case Costing: Where Should Surgery Centers Start?

Using effective case costing, an ASC can identify expenses for each procedure performed at their facility, then use that information to maximize revenue.

A Conversation With ASCA’s Maia Kunkel About National ASC Month

Q&A with Maia Kunkel, manager of government affairs at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA), discussing the importance of National ASC Month.

Your Questions Answered: Achieving ASC Accreditation Success With Your EHR

Q&A with Daren Smith

Surgical Information Systems Recognized with Technology Industry Award from Energage

Energage recognizes Surgical Information Systems as a Top Workplace in the Technology Industry.

3 Ambulatory Surgery Center Revenue Cycle KPIs to Watch Closely

Here are three ambulatory surgery center (ASC) revenue cycle key performance indicators (KPIs) you should pay close attention to for insight into where your revenue cycle process may be thriving -- or struggling.

5 Ways ASC Software Helps With Achieving and Maintaining Accreditation

A preview of Daren Smith’s presentation on “Achieving CMS and Accreditation Success: The Role Your EHR Should Play,” providing insight and guidance concerning CMS and accreditation surveys and the value of ASC software.

Your Questions Answered: Successful ASC Billing on Day 1

Q&A with Jessica Nelson and Yunette Ruiz

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