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ASC Solutions

SIS Ranked #1 ASC Technology Vendor by Black Book for 9th Consecutive Year

Surgical Information Systems takes top overall ASC Technology Vendor Honors in all four functional areas and 14 key performance indicator categories.

Achieve Seamless Patient Flow: ASCs Adopt Configurable Tracker Boards

SIS Charts configurability empowers ASCs to create Patient Tracker Boards that best meet their needs.

Streamlining Patient Care: 6 Ways to Enhance Case Coordination in ASCs

A look at six ways ASC technology can help streamline case coordination.

What’s Behind SIS Complete’s Ease of Use: The Role of User Experience Design

A look into five principles of User Experience (UX) Design that guide SIS' UX Team and support SIS Complete's ease of use.

5 Essential Areas of Consideration for a Successful ASC Software Implementation

SIS’ VP of Cloud Services, Heather Keidel Hayes, CASC, shares ways that ASCs can further help ensure a smooth implementation that concludes with staff ready to effectively leverage the new technology.

Unlocking Efficiency and Well-Being: How ASC Technology Helps Fight Staff Burnout

Modern ASC technology can be a powerful ally in the battle against staff burnout and retention by helping to streamline workflows, reduce administrative burdens, and improve overall operational efficiency. 

Spotting the Signs: Identifying Administrator Burnout in ASCs

Know how to recognize the signs of administrator burnout and take proactive steps to address underlying causes and make intentional changes for the long-term success of administrators and the ASCs they serve. 

6 Areas of ASC Operations Improved by EHR Interoperability

Enhance ASC workflows, automate processes, reduce human error, and support better service to patients and providers by embracing EHR interoperability.

6 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Forever Changed ASCs

Six reflections on how COVID-19 has likely changed ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) for the long term.

Your Questions Answered: Exploring ASC Software with SOSC

Q&A with Elizabeth Canto and Michelle Sloan, BSN, RN, CNOR of Specialty Orthopaedics Surgery Center, hosted by SIS’ vice president of ASC Solutions, Daren Smith.

Your Questions Answered: Moving Your ASC to the Cloud

Q&A with Daren Smith

Surgical Information Systems Named Best in KLAS 2023 for Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions

SIS Charts™ electronic health record is top-ranked in Best in KLAS: Software and Professional Services for the second consecutive year.

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