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Revenue Cycle Management

10 Best Practices to Improve Your ASC's Patient Collections Process

Patient Collections in 2021: Q&A with Jessica Nelson

ASC Software Supports Rapid Growth at Busy Orthopedic ASC

SIS Showcase site Specialty Orthopaedics Surgery Center recently shared its success with using SIS Complete.

Medicare Begins Recouping Advanced Payments from ASCs

SIS to Exhibit and Present at ASCA 2021 Virtual Conference

Patient Collections: Challenges, Opportunities, and Best Practices: Q&A

The final Surgical Information Systems revenue cycle services webinar of 2020 wrapped up last month with a presentation on patient collections, where we took a deep dive into the challenges your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) might face, the...

Top 10 Tips for Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle…and Why Now is the Time

Last month I was invited to host a webinar, along with our Director of Revenue Cycle Services, Jessica Nelson, to educate our listeners on the benefits that outsourcing their revenue cycle can bring to their ambulatory surgery center (ASC), and how...

ASC Managed Care Contracting: 10 Tips for Success

Optimizing and Managing a Remote Workforce Presentation Q&A

Jho Outlaw, Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS, hosted a webinar recently and discussed the many benefits of having a remote workforce. Having managed a remote workforce for years and being an expert on the subject, she detailed...

Days to Bill: Q&A with ASC Revenue Cycle Experts

Following a recent webinar presentation on "Days to Bill: Optimizing This Critical Key Performance Indicator," Jho Outlaw, senior vice president of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS, and Jessica Nelson, director of Revenue Cycle Services for SIS,...

Can Your ASC Accomplish These 9 ASC Revenue Cycle Goals?

ASC business offices should strive to improve their performance, even when that performance is strong. By consistently setting and working toward goals that can enhance business office performance, ASCs will better set themselves up for short- and...

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Even small improvements to your hospital's revenue cycle management (RCM) can deliver significant boosts to your bottom line. After all, once you make a positive change, and assuming it's sustained, you will reap the benefits indefinitely.

Here are...

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