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Revenue Cycle Management

Are Your Revenue Cycle Management Processes Evolving?

Did you know that the word "value" appears in Title III of the Affordable Care Act 214 times? Clearly, the idea of value-based healthcare is at the forefront of our industry today, and it’s changing the way many things work in the outpatient segment...

3 Revenue Cycle KPIs to Watch

In outpatient healthcare, if you’re not thinking about improving your revenue cycle, you’re probably not thinking hard enough. Every dollar counts. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, revenue cycle management – obtaining, tracking, and...

Improving ASC Inventory Management - 3 Initial Steps

Three Initial Steps

by Rhonda Hixson, Principle Solution Architect, AmkaiSolutions

ICD-10 Update: How are ASCs doing?

Jessica Edmiston, BS, CPC, CASCC, is the senior vice president of performance review and an AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM trainer with National Medical Billing Services (NMBS). NMBS provides billing and coding solutions for ambulatory surgery centers...

Could Quick Access to Your Metrics Make Your ASC More Profitable?

Information is power.

This axiom has been at the heart of business, marketing, and risk management for decades. But in today’s world, information alone isn’t as powerful as it once was. Now, the true power of information can only be realized if it...

4 Key Areas That Make a Difference in Revenue Cycle Management

In ambulatory surgery centers, obtaining prompt payment from insurers and patients is vital to effective operations. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to get paid everything you are owed given today’s reimbursement environment.

Simply stated,...

Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management: Are You Doing a Bad Job?


Some see it as an admission of weakness – confirmation that they are unable to effectively and efficiently run their ambulatory surgery center. Others believe outsourcing is a euphemism for loss of control. And then there are those who...

Does Your ASC Billing Stack Up?

How much does it cost each year for the average ambulatory surgical center (ASC) to get paid? Although specifics vary by center, costs are growing. The regulatory environment faced by ASCs is a huge driver of fixed expenses, calling for internal...

The Next Five Years: Trends and Strategies for ASCs

By Robert Zasa, Managing and Founding Partner, ASD Management

Robert Zasa, Managing and Founding Partner at ASD Management, has established himself as a premier thought leader in the ASC industry as his career growth has paralleled that of the...

Benchmarking to Focus ASC Performance Improvement 

By Sandra Jones, Executive Vice President and COO of ASD Management

Benchmarking is a key tool for leading ASCs. Through benchmarking, your organization can focus on specific areas for improvement, and demonstrate your success.

Growth of 23-Hour Stay Programs for Ambulatory Surgery Centers 

By Reed Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Surgical Management Professionals

Over the past decade, the goals of better quality and lower cost have caused an expansion in the number and type of surgical cases performed in ambulatory surgery centers,...

How To Manage ASC Billing Processes Like a Pro

Becker's ASC Review's latest article on managing ASC Billing processes is an ode to efficiency and effectiveness. In the busy ambulatory surgery center environment, it's difficult to properly manage billing. Many ASC's are hoping to turn around...

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