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Successful surgical procedures have many things in common, but one of the most important, yet often underappreciated, is clear communication prior to the procedure. This is communication that leaves patients feeling informed and staff feeling prepared. Without an ASC software system designed to effectively support this effort, staff and patients are left to make numerous phone calls, fill out pages of paperwork, and manually chase down missed information. This can be tiresome for everyone involved and takes up valuable time.

SIS Exchange is a cloud-based technology solution that supports ASCs in improving the way they communicate with their patients. Providing tools such as patient notifications, instructions, and questionnaires that automatically flow into the patient’s EHR, centers are using SIS Exchange to connect with their patients conveniently and effectively throughout the surgical journey, from pre-op to post-op.

Here are four of the ways SIS Exchange is helping ASCs nationwide improve their patient communication and engagement while strengthening staff efficiency and achieving even better outcomes:

1. It delivers convenience and ease

Nowadays, medical professionals and patients alike expect technology to provide more convenience in their everyday interactions. With SIS Exchange, physicians and staff can initiate a seamless flow of engagement, all with the click of a button. This allows patients to fill out documents and receive important information via an easy-to-access and use portal while using their preferred device at the best time for them.

2. It increases labor efficiency 

Time is money. With the increased convenience factor, SIS Exchange is taking time that would have been spent manually gathering patient information and giving that time back to the staff to focus on other critical tasks that can improve patient care and the bottom line.

A SIS client had this to say about how they utilize SIS Exchange:

“We’ve set up our SIS Exchange preferences to text and email patients upon scheduling, and then on a daily cadence until they complete their documentation. Once completed, the information automatically flows back in for our preadmission testing nurse to review. It’s a really good time saver for those nurses who, in the past, have spent a lot of time on the phone.”

Since using SIS Exchange, this client has seen reduced time spent on documentation and retrieval, helping to improve the delivery of patient care. In addition, they’ve also seen a high usage rate of their SIS Exchange patient portal; about 90% of their patients complete their pre-operative documentation through SIS Exchange due to its ease of use.

3. It streamlines the gathering of information

As mentioned, a significant amount of an ASC staff’s time and attention can go into making sure patient information is accurate and accounted for in their patient records. When you have these details coming from paperwork, phone calls, and face-to-face interactions, keying the information can become a tedious task — and that doesn't even take into consideration the double and triple checking of the information.

Since SIS Exchange is included in SIS Charts, the information from patient pre-op and post-op questionnaires auto-populates into the EHR for nurse verification, allowing consistent data flow throughout the process. What’s more is that as patients complete their questionnaires, the progress bar in SIS Charts updates, allowing staff to track the completion of patient documentation.

4. It keeps patients prepared 

From the moment patients are scheduled for their surgery at your ASC, SIS Exchange can be used to maintain a clear line of communication and inform them of what’s to come.

Before the procedure, patients are presented with preadmission questionnaires, pre-operative instructions, and other compliance notifications. Reminders delivered via text message and/or email prior to surgery can help reduce same-day cancellations and better prepare patients for their procedural and financial responsibilities. You can even send automatic texts to your patients with directions to the center. And once the procedure is complete, your patients receive post-op care instructions that they can access whenever needed.


SIS Exchange: Patient Interactions Streamlined 

Using an ASC solution that offers convenience for patients and efficiency for staff, all while prioritizing accuracy and automation of patient data, can transform the way that your center manages and engages with patients. Perhaps the best part of using SIS Exchange is that when patients walk through the doors of your center, staff can have more time to engage in meaningful conversations that support a more satisfying patient experience and help improve outcomes.

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