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When it comes to software affordability, a cloud based solution can be the best way to cut costs and lower total cost of ownership. Acquiring and maintaining a complex IT environment requires valuable time and financial resources. With changing technology and regulatory requirements, along with today's economic and reimbursement challenges, keeping pace can be overwhelming. Cloud-based solutions mean the only requirement to operate the software is an Internet connection and a laptop/desktop/mobile device. Fees are usually based on a subscription model.

Some other benefits of utilizing a cloud-based system for your facility are:

  • Security and HIPAA compliance: Sophisticated encryption technology ensures data security and relieves the challenge of staying abreast of ever-changing guidelines.
  • Fixed monthly cost: Reduces and provides consistent monthly fixed costs for expenses associated with server acquisition, installation, maintenance, and support.
  • Scalability: Room for growth and expansion without expensive upgrading or replacement of your in-house server.
  • Convenience: Application updates are automatically installed at a time that won’t hinder your operations.
  • Reliability and greater peace of mind: Continual server management and automated back-up and storage procedures protect patient data and ensure business continuity during an unforeseen event such as a damaged hard drive.