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SOMC Surgical Services leaders cite positive feedback from anesthesia providers, responsiveness of the SIS team, and ability to use existing hardware as key decision factors

Atlanta, GA – February 4, 2021 – Surgical Information Systems (“SIS”), the industry leader for business and clinical surgical software for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), today announced that Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) in Portsmouth, OH, recently selected SIS Anesthesia, an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS), that will integrate with the hospital’s new MEDITECH enterprise to complete the electronic intraoperative record.

As long-time users of electronic medical records, including anesthesia records, ease of use was important to SOMC leaders when selecting a new AIMS. “Our anesthesia providers were very positive about the look of the documentation and the way it flowed in SIS Anesthesia,” said Tom Greene, Director of Surgical Services for SOMC. “SIS Anesthesia is similar to what they are used to, and it doesn’t require a lot of practice change to document the anesthesia care event.”

Greene said the SIS team was responsive to SOMC’s requests for information throughout the Sales and Implementation processes and demonstrated their experience with MEDITECH integration by pulling together the right SIS and MEDITECH resources to address any questions. “Having a quick time to implement was important to us, so hats off to the SIS team for getting the right people together to answer our questions up front, particularly with the MEDITECH integration, which has made for a smooth implementation so far.”

SIS also met with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to confirm that SIS Anesthesia would meet requirements for dual authentication of medication administration, a step Greene says was “a turning point” in the selection process. “SIS will be able to leverage their existing workflow with Imprivata in order to meet the requirements for the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to provide two forms of identification when documenting medications,” he said. “That was a positive step for us.”

Finally, because SIS Anesthesia is hardware-agnostic, SOMC can leverage the investment it has already made in computers to support anesthesia documentation. “We have a lot of equipment on hand that will work with SIS Anesthesia, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel by buying proprietary tablets or computers,” Greene noted.

“SIS is proud to be selected as the AIMS provider for Southern Ohio Medical Center and to further our work with MEDITECH to deliver a fully integrated perioperative IT solution,” said Doug Rempfer, SIS Chief Operations Officer. “SOMC is the latest MEDITECH hospital to trust SIS with its anesthesia documentation needs, which is critical to creating a complete electronic health record.”

About Surgical Information Systems
Since 1996, Surgical Information Systems (“SIS”) has been dedicated to providing surgical care providers with the solutions and services they need to deliver improved operational, financial, and clinical outcomes.

Focused exclusively on perioperative IT, the SIS award-winning product suite[1] is built specifically for the perioperative environment and includes hospital and ASC-focused solutions covering perioperative Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS), ASC business management, and business intelligence and analytics solutions. Services include revenue cycle management to complement SIS’s software solutions.

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Media Contact

Emmy Weber, Chief Marketing Officer, Surgical Information Systems, Eweber@SISFirst.com

[1]Black Book Research Rankings – “Top Technology Solutions: Ambulatory Surgical Centers” February 2020, “Top Technology Solutions: Ambulatory Surgical Centers” April 2019, “Top Ambulatory Electronic Health Records Solutions: Ambulatory Surgical Centers” April 2018, “Top Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records Vendors” April 2017, & “Top Ambulatory Electronic Health Records Vendors Comparative Performance Result Set of Top EHR Vendors,” May 2016.

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