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SourceMedical Adds Award-Winning Revenue Cycle Expert to the Team

September 18, 2015 By SIS Corporate


Industry Expert Brought in to Focus on Changes in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Processes Jho Outlaw

Jho Outlaw has been named Vice-President of SourceMedical’s Revenue Cycle Services. Jho is an award-winning revenue cycle expert and executive manager. Prior to joining SourceMedical, Jho was with Sisters of Charity – Providence Hospitals as the Area Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management. 

As healthcare revenue cycle management processes change industry-wide, SourceMedical brings in an expert to stay ahead of the curve. Throughout her career at every organization Jho has made a difference; in cash flow, in bottom lines, and in workplace environments. She has driven positive changes in collections, metrics, and employee satisfaction and has taken facilities from the bottom third to the top third for revenue cycle performance in their markets. Now she will bring her deep expertise to make a difference for SourceMedical customers and Revenue Cycle Management for the Outpatient market. 

This addition reinforces SourceMedical’s strategic vision to lead innovation and deliver superior solutions for the Outpatient continuum. Earlier this year SourceMedical acquired LaClaro, whose analytics solution is changing how outpatient centers identify gaps in revenue cycle operations to increase cash flow and profits. Jho Outlaw and her team will leverage this industry-leading capability to give SourceMedical clients greater visibility into workflow, billing, and aging claims. 

SourceMedical’s CEO, Dr. Jamie Coffin, said “The addition of Jho to the team demonstrates SourceMedical’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Her track record in leading teams to improve operational efficiencies and cash flow will directly benefit SourceMedical’s clients. We look forward to improving our clients’ bottom line and setting new industry standards. Bringing Jho on the team is another way we are working to deliver to the outpatient industry the solutions needed to thrive in today’s ever changing healthcare environment.” 

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