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AEU Credits Available for CASC

No matter what industry a professional works in, most are expected to continue learning about their field and doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

But for those working in the ever-evolving ASC industry, it’s encouraged – and often required – to perform specific activities to make sure they’re gaining relevant knowledge and staying current with industry developments.

Stand Out and Stay Ahead: CASC® Credential

One way that many in ASC management roles distinguish themselves in the industry is by pursuing the Certified Administrator Surgery Center (CASC®) certification credential, administered by the Board of Ambulatory Surgery Certification (BASC). The CASC® designation, as well as the supplemental Continuing Education requirements, encourages achievers to regularly seek a more comprehensive understanding of the skills needed to successfully manage an ASC and verifies their commitment to the industry.

Once certified, the CASC® credential will be valid for three years; however, to maintain it, the Certificant must obtain and submit Continuing Education Hours based on the following CASC® criteria:

All Certificants are required to obtain at least six Administrator Education Units (AEUs) in each of the five major content areas – Financial, Regulatory/Legal, Human Resources, Quality Management, and Patient Care – for a total of 30 AEUs in a three-year recertification cycle.

The AEUs can be obtained at various times throughout the three years, but all credits must be submitted by December 31st of the Certificant’s personal Three-Year Recertification Cycle, or else the credential will be revoked. In addition, no self-reported Continuing Education Hours will be accepted – meaning AEUs can only be obtained from an approved provider. That’s where SIS comes in.

AEU-Eligible SIS Programs

SIS is an Approved BASC Provider and is proud to offer two ways for Certificants to obtain AEU credits: live and on-demand webinars.

Throughout the year, SIS hosts an array of webinars that each qualify for 1.0 hour of CASC® AEU credit from BASC. The webinars are hosted by industry experts, and topics can range from exploring how to navigate common revenue cycle management challenges to identifying impactful analytical data to boost case costing performance. You can find a variety of approved on-demand webinars here!

As we enter December, Certificants seeking their final recertification AEU credits are in luck! This month, we’re hosting a webinar worth 1.0 hours of AEU credit in the Financial area – Transforming Your ASC’s Accounts Receivable in 2023. Take advantage of this learning opportunity and register today!