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What You Need to Know When Opening a New Ambulatory Surgery Center


ASC Case Costing: Does a larger case volume always equal more money?

It might sound counterintuitive, but for an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), performing more cases doesn’t always mean making more money. If the total cost of a procedure exceeds the amount a payer will reimburse, the facility is the one that ends...

Medication Management in ASCs


Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus Crisis

Regulatory Compliance Checks: What Do I Have to Complete…and When?


Are You Prepared for a CMS COVID-19 Survey?

COVID-19 has all of us on edge. You may have gotten the virus – or you know someone who did. Your job may have been affected by furloughs, layoffs, financial hardships, and other stressful situations.

Resuming Operations: Experts Weigh In

Most states are now allowing elective surgeries to resume, but the ASCs are under strict guidelines, based on the state. I hosted a webinar on May 27, 2020, which was a forum for three industry experts to weigh in on what they are seeing and hearing...

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