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BillingImage_blueweb2.pngBecker's ASC Review's latest article on managing ASC Billing processes is an ode to efficiency and effectiveness. In the busy ambulatory surgery center environment, it's difficult to properly manage billing. Many ASC's are hoping to turn around their billing habits in 2014 and collect the data needed to account for lost revenue. In order to maximize revenue, it's important to analyze your center for several key factors.

  1. Optimized scheduling. Automated scheduling platforms can be an affordable solution to minimizing canceled appointments and no-shows.
  2. Effective use of EMR. Electronic health records help streamline the process of feeding information to the billing department, and often provide greater detail and clarity on performed procedures.
  3. Minimize turnaround time for each payer.
  4. Monitor unbilled accounts. Make it a habit to bill these accounts on weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  5. Establish benchmarks for collection activities. Setting goals is a great way to measure the success of your center and prove an increase in efficiency.

Read the full article by SourceMedical's Heather Keidel Hayes, CASC, Director of Client Services.