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EMR AutomationOne area ASCs often struggle with is how to make and track patient follow-up phone calls after a procedure. Our AmkaiCharts EMR solution includes essential features surgery centers can use to provide better post-operative care, thereby improving patient and physician satisfaction and increasing the likelihood that patients will recommend their ASC and physician to family and friends. The features also help the ASC increase efficiency and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

The unique components of AmkaiCharts eliminate common ASC challenges and ensure surgery center staff members perform important tasks. As Linda Newton, facility administrator of The Surgery Center at Cranberry in Cranberry Township, PA notes, "When you're in a hurry, it's easy to miss something. AmkaiCharts give us constant reminders to do everything that needs to be done."

Users of the state-of-the-art AmkaiCharts EMR solution benefit from the following features that help them effectively make and track critical post-operative patient phone calls:

  1. An alert system that proactively informs users when a post-operative phone call needs to be completed.
  2. A contact log used to track attempts at calling the patient.
  3. Task lists that provide up-to-date and at-a-glance information for calls to be completed.
  4. Customizable post-operative phone call questionnaire. This includes the ability to mark items as "clinically sensitive" for use in infection tracking reports.
  5. Printable letters that can be sent to patients when an ASC is unable to make phone contact. ASCs can add their facility logo to the letter and customize the body of the letter.
  6. Ability to generate several different types of reports for use in quality assurance and regulatory requirements, including:
    • Reports that shows how long after surgery the post-operative call was completed
    • Reports that displays all questions asked and how they were answered
    • Reports on complications
    • Batch reports

With the AmkaiCharts EMR, ASCs can further track staff productivity by filtering these reports in a number of ways, such as by date range and by person completing the report.

To learn more about the many ways the #1-rated* AmkaiCharts EMR helps ASCs nationwide and can help your ASC, contact AmkaiSolutions for a demo today by clicking here.

*Parsons School of Design, Institute for Information Mapping.